Reporting phishing?

does anyone know where to report pishing? Normally I would just ignore or bin, but the site it points to looks fairly convincing - parts of the page linking to the real ring site, only one or two pointers that it might not be legit.

(redirects to: https://…l%3D16c4cb63-f170-4525-bcfb-356d50c2f7be…a%3D0…b%3D0…c1%3Direut12…c2%3DR22…r%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fa8653d~BEMOB_DOT~myshopify~BEMOB_DOT~com%252F…ts%3D1703063866138 )

Hi @redbaron101. Report any Ring scam sites on this page here.

I am also getting this email, I don’t think its phishing as they know my first and last name and the email associated with my account which I only use for a handful of logins all with different passwords. I never get spam to this account, I suspect my details have been leaked to a third party who is emailing me.

Hi @user72917. This email has not originated from Ring and should be reported using the information shared earlier.

I have received this email 3 times now

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