Report false person detection in app

Could an option to report false person detection be added please? Intent is so it can be used to improve the detection system over time. Sunlight changes seem to regularly report as a person for my indoor cameras at the moment, and there seems no way for me to feed this back.

My old Netatmo Indoor cam has this, and it does seem to improve the detection system over time.

Hi @GWilko. When viewing a video on your Event History Timeline, you should see an option to rate the video towards the bottom of the Ring app. After tapping the thumbs down button, you have the option to add more info. This is how you add feedback through the Ring app.

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Hi Tom, I don’t see that option. Can you share a screenshot of where it should be? I’m using iOS if that helps.

Hi @GWilko, happy to share this screenshot for you. Make sure you are on the Event Timeline, which you can access by tapping on the Camera Preview for your Camera or Doorbell from the dashboard of your Ring app. Scroll to the event that you’d like to provide feedback on, and you will see in the bottom right the option to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. This screenshot is from iOS as well.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring , much appreciated - the screenshot is very helpful. However I don’t get that in my Ring app for any of the cameras I have (there are 3, and also 2 doorbells).

I see no option to thumbs up or down, only this;

I have the latest version of the iOS app, and everything else is also up to date. Any ideas why I don’t see it?

Hi @GWilko. If you tap the “…” More button, a menu will appear with a Feedback option. You may have to swipe left to reveal the button. I hope this helps.

Hi @Tom_Ring , I don’t get that either (see my screenshot of what I get with when selecting the … ). Where might it be hiding?

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Hi @GWilko. I looked into this, and you should be able to swipe on the More Actions menu to see more options, including one to leave feedback. This is to prevent the feedback option from being distracting when you’re looking at your Event Timeline. If you still do not see the option, please share a short screen recording so I can follow up with my team.

If I find that my floodlight ring camera is not picking up on people walking close to a hedge or something, but that the person is perfectly visible on camera, I would like a feature to submit the video to Ring so they can have a test video to check future algorithms.

I found this thread by googling the exact same problem. I’m getting a lot of false positives in the detection of people on both my ring cameras. There is no thumbs down or up, and no swiping on any screen that shows it in options or otherwise. No feedback option either.
I’m wondering if our apps are not updating. Or perhaps a new version has removed these features?

Yes, there should be a “submit false positive” and “submit false negative” feature.

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There are no feedback option for me either. Nothing happen when I swipe for the more options panel. There are too many false person detection and nearly unusable!

I would like an easier way to provide feedback on person detection. Basically a way to say “this was not a person” for the selected video within the app so that it goes directly to the ring team. Right now we are told to “send the video to Support” but not told a method in which to do that. Even if you know, that’s a lot of steps to manually share the video with support. Ring should want to improve the algorithm and the best way is to make it easy for user feedback.

I keep having issues where i get person notifications for things that are definitely not people. Spiders climbing on the lens, deer wandering the driveway, now even pigeons wandering in the distance.

This feature would be similar to how you can give feedback in the alexa app on the voice history on if it responded when you didn’t use the wake word.

I also do not see that option. I get a lot of deer triggering Person Detected.