Replacing existing chime?


Recently purchased the wired version of Video Doorbell Pro 2 with the chime.

Just struggling to understand how I should go about installing it.

My current doorbell is wired to a chime that manual “dings” the chime, it doesn’t ding the chime that well and it’s an unpleasant noise which is why I preferred the idea of a “digital” chime and purchased this chime also.

Looking at installation guide it often describes wiring the doorbell to the current chime, I don’t understand what I would do in the case of a plug in digital chime ?

The current chime box is mounted on the wall and is old and discoloured and therefore would like to remove it however I’m unsure if would need to keep it anyway to connect the DIN rail transformer so the doorbell is wired and therefore connected, not sure if there’s anyway to remove the old chime box and still have the doorbell connected to the DIN rail transformer without having the old chimebox



@TheKirks The easiest thing to do is just get rid of your mechanical chime if possible. They are totally unnecessary as you have other options for alerts and are an extra point of failure. Basically go mains to the the transformer to the ring doorbell taking the mechanical chime out of the picture. If your transformer is the in chime box you may need to leave it in place but ring also sells a transformer enclosure which will be smaller and look neater. Then either buy a ring plug in chime or use an amazon echo dot for the alerts. Just make sure you are confident working with electrics or call in an electrician to help.

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