Replace intercom (4 wire) with Video Doorbell Wired with Plug-In Adapter and Chime

I am going to purchase Ring video doorbell wired with plug-in adapter and chime.
Before ordering them, I would like to get advise about replacing my Avidsen doorphone with a wired Ring doorbell. My current door phone has four wires that connect to the outdoor unit (from indoor unit), and two wires (from indoor unit) that connect to the plug in adapter to the power socket.

I would appreciate your advice on how to make the switch from the intercom to the wired Ring doorbell. Any guidance you can provide on the wiring and installation process would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @user39320. If you are using the Ring Wired with a Plug-In Adapter Gen 2, there is no need to use wiring from another device. The Plug-In Adapter Gen 2 is adequate to power the Ring Wired and because the Ring Wired is not compatible with a internal chime kit, there is no need to use wires from an existing system. I hope this informaiton helps.