Remove the orange banner prompting me to upgrade to Protect Plan

Remove the orange banner prompting me to upgrade to Protect Plus even after the trial period has expired. It blocks the camera view unless I scroll up everytime which is a terrible UI experience.

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Agreed, this is incredbily annoying.

Is there any way to remove or block this message?

I suggesting that the user has the option to turn off the Ring protection plan at the bottom of the app window. It is a bit annoying.

We’ve decided to pay ring for some services but I guess not enough and the banner is always there begging you to pay them more. Please remove.

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Same here. I have 2 cameras with a protect plan and 1 camera without. My choice! Please let me have the option to remove this annoying notification.



I am already paying you for 4 different basic protect plans, but you insist on shoving an orange banner in my face to upsell me to Protect Pro. Every time I change locations in the ring app, the orange banner re-appears. It is beyond annoying, and it’s as if you don’t actually even use ring and know what it’s like for someone who relies on it. PLEASE. Make…it…stop!!!

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I’ve had Ring for well over 30 days. I already have a plan. I still have the annoying orange ad at the bottom of the screen every time. I can temporarily remove it by swiping but it appears again next time. I know this has been commented on before “featured requests.” When will this advertisement end?

I have the same problem

Hello Ring Team - I subscribed to the basic plan last week, due to the multi-device plan being more than 2x the Basic plan for one device. My only other camera is in the garage.

There is now an unremovable, unclearable orange banner on my phone telling me videos are not being saved. The front door videos are being saved just fine. Tech support tells me this banner will be there so long as I remain on a basic plan and have a second unsupported camera.

Ring team - put yourself in my shoes - this is either terrible programming logic, or you’re intentionally goading your customers with this space-waster to force them (via irritation) to pay more than 2x more for recording on their second device. We need a way to clear this banner please! On a Apple 6s it takes up WAY to much real estate on the screen.

I agree, seems the subscription side does not talk to the app. I have subscribed but annoying banner remains, it is an eyesore! PLEASE REMOVE!

The orange banner is irritating. Take it down. I should be able to dismiss it, especially if I’m already a subscriber. My alternative is to return the extra cameras that I purchased.

It should go away immediately, even if you don’t subscribe. I’m fine about being informed of a potential service offering, but don’t hold me hostage indefinitely if I decide Not to subscribe. I paid for the camera. Let me use it the way that I choose to use it.

Everyone that’s experiencing the Orange Banner issue should contact Ring Support and file a formal complaint. Better yet, contact Ring Support every day for “30 Days” and ask why this issue has not been resolved - even after years of complaints. Maybe by raising our collective voices, we can get someone within Ring’s corporate leadership to take notice AND take action.

I don’t want to subscribe. I’m using my INDOOR cameras to monitor my home and garage. I don’t need or want to record the INDOOR cameras; yet, Ring incessantly tells me to Subscribe.

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The orange banner is irritating. Stop them please

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If you log out and log back in, it will go away

So I have a Ring Stick Up Cam aimed out my living room window, just so that I can see what’s going on outside (weather, etc.) when I am away from home. As this is on the 6th floor of a condo building, there is really no security functionality being provided by this camera, and therefore no need for it to be recorded – I don’t want to have to buy a Ring Protect Plan for this camera. Unfortunately, the Ring app does not have an option to turn OFF the prompt “Your videos are not being saved. Learn more about the Ring Protect Plan.”

PLEASE add an option somewhere to allow us to turn off this prompt. Not all camera feeds need to be recorded and I don’t like seeing the prompt on the screen.

Before anyone mentions it: Yes, I know I can eliminate the prompt by turning off Record Motion and Motion Alerts on the camera. But then I get the stupid icon with the camera with a line through it. I don’t want to see that, either.