Remove the live timeout now

This is basic folks, remove the Timeout - let ME decide when to end my viewing.
If it is about Server activity, set it up so you can route the video traffic on your home network only. Win-Win.

@DesertColossus This comes up a lot. Unless Ring totally redesign how their products work it wont happen. Everything goes through AWS, alerts, live view everything. There is no local access to the device and I highly doubt this will change. They are just not these types of products. Also keep in mind Ring is not a CCTV system. Its an alerts based system. It does that fairly well but it wouldn’t make a good CCTV set up. If you want continual monitoring get yourself an IP/NVR type system.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
It wouldn’t be that difficult to create a version that bypasses AWS and is Local Only.

@DesertColossus It may not be hard bit that would open up a huge support area as well that they would need to take care of. Its just not the type of product they sell. Other question is why would you chose ring for this solution over an IP based system?