Remove Advertising/Marketing from Ring Apps

I agree! Remove Advertising/Marketing

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Does anyone else hate the advertising in the app? I like the products, but I need my cams and the alarm status to load quickly. Can we please turn off the junk? Or make it optional? I like flipping through the updates but I want it organized just for what I’m paying for. My alarm status and my cams.



I will be the shortest tenured ring customer. The ads are sickening. I didn’t buy the camera to be used as a conduit for Ring’s advertising. There are too many other options out there to put up with this crap.


I wish the annoying ad for the virtual security guard was moved to the right side. There is a delay on dropping in and when I click and think I’m going to neighbor’s feed, it drops in and I go to the ad. If I was interested, I would be so just as easily if it was on the right side!!!

Please remove the ads from home screen, it is so annoying.

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Agreed. It clutters on the dashboard

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1 more vote for removing “swipe to discover more”, especially if you’re paying for your premium alarm monitoring, and have significantly bought into the ecosystem.

So cheap and tacky. It was their professionalism that attracted me to their product. Looking for alternatives.

Hi neighbors, thank you for providing your feedback. The Ring update tiles will only provide you updates on new Ring features, device best practices, and the occasional sale. The tiles will also only appear at the bottom of your Ring location screen below all of your devices and can be dismissed. We hear your feedback, and thank you for providing it.

The What’s new notifications are a pain in the ass. Customers don’t want to be pushed ads! Even after clicking all the links which takes you to Amazon the red dot is still there! Ring yiu SUCK! Not buying anymore Ring products?

I have cancelled my Ring subscription and purchased a Reolink purely because of the in App advertising. I am over the moon happy with the reolink, should have bought it in the first place.

I can no longer use the ring app with our low bandwidth internet connection. When I first subscribed there was no ads or popups or tutorials or suggestions and it worked well. Now all video is always pixelated and garbled . We did not expect advertising after paying for a subscription. To start live view I had to go through a series of adverts, suggestions and tutorial suggestions all with “Skip Now” options, then live view would not start, the app Froze and stopped working. Then had to restart the app and by then what I wanted to see was gone. I have since purchased a REOLINK and love it

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Please update the ring app to make it more user friendly.
Paying customers should not have to deal with ads as we are already paying a subscription fee.

This is really disrespectful to customers

Thank you

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Agreed. This is unacceptable.

I agree 110%. In no instance does any other company abuse users with sales and marketing ads and up-selling products as a paid user. This abuse is typically for free users and is remove with a paid subscription to that App company. That’s industry standard, and true with any other app you download in the Google App Store. It’s likely true for Apple, too.

The app notification is also not working properly and it doesn’t clear icon notifications on the display and is buggy. Further, disabling notifications disables all notification functionality from the camera, rendering it useless.

Please also consider filing complaints with Google in the Play Store and at Amazon at (ph 800-656-1918) about its abuse for having a subscription and being forced to being subjected to it.

The Echo Line has gotten worse in 7 years, they abuse customers with ads on the FireTV, and they ruined the Blink Doorbell line similarly.

They are failing now in every space they occupy. I’m prepared to unwind from this nonsense.