Remind to disarm alarm when entering door

So I have had another paid alarm, and when the alarm was armed and I entered the door/triggered the door sensor the alarm started a timer for me to enter pin/disarm before timeout.

This was done by beeping every second until key was accepted, and if not the alarm would go off.

I have had the ring alarm for about 6 months, and really miss this feature. Since I am able to walk in, and move around until the pir sensor detects motion. And then triggers the alarm.

So a reminder once triggered would be perfect.

Hi @user40853. With the Ring Alarm, you will hear a series of chirps from the Base Station when either the Entry or Exit Delay is triggered. If your system is armed and you enter through your front door, where the Contact Sensor is set as a Main Door, the Entry Delay will start and there will be chirps played from the Base Station until that time is up and the siren is triggered. You can learn more from this article in our Help Center.