"Remember password for Live View" option doesn't work

The “Remember password for Live View” option doesn’t seem to work.

When opening motion notifications delivered to my PC in Chrome I often need to login again even if I just logged in 30 minutes prior for another notification and checked “Remember password for Live View”.

I can understand the need to re-authenticate if it’s been a week or two but I should be able to stay logged in for 30 minutes.

It defeats the purpose of opening a motion notification and seeing the person before they move out of sight.

I’m on Windows 10 using Chrome Version 119.0.6045.160.

Hi @user67126. This may happen if you are using a VPN or an Incognito window. It may also happen if you have a Chrome extension that deletes your cache and cookies automatically. I would suggest checking your settings or checking this Help Center article here.