Remember browser? Have to authenticate every time

Is there a way to remember a browser? I’m on iPhone and every time I have to log in, and using 2FA have to get a text code and log in again?


Hi @L1111. When signing into your Ring account on the Ring App or on the Ring website, you’ll always receive a two-step verification code in order to keep your account secure. Your safety and privacy are one of our top concerns, and you can choose whether to receive the two-step verification code via email or text message in the Control Center. I hope this helps answer your questions. :slight_smile:


This is for the community forums though. I have to sign in every time and authenticate with 2FA. I understand the app etc, but what about the community forums?


Hi @L1111. Yes, your Community account is the same as your Ring account so it will behave the same way in that a two-step verification code is needed to sign in.