Relocated and renamed floodlight cam

I purchased the new floodlight cam pro that I named driveway. I installed it where the last gen floodlight cam was and relocated the last gen to backyard and named it likewise. The issue I’m having is my Alexa devices alert me that there is someone at the driveway but it’s the floodlight cam in the backyard which I clearly renamed. I did perform a factory reset before relocating. Any suggestions?

Hi @Tapdat. Have you tried unlearning and relearning the Ring skill in the Alexa App? This way it can rediscover your devices with the updated names and alert you appropriately. You can also find more troubleshooting steps for Alexa and Ring in our Help Center Article here. I hope these suggestions are helpful. :slight_smile:

Is that the same as unlink then establishing again? If so, that did not work for me.