Registered to previous owner

Hello people
I bought two ring items from an online pawnbrokers but both are still registered to previous owners I can provide receipts for them but what if the previous owners refuse to relinquish ownership is it best for me to wait the “15 day or more” (and if so how long should I wait as the return shall only be valid for a certain amount of time) or simply return them and let the pawnbroker deal with them as they shall have the details of who sold them to them?

Hi @user70770. We can’t guarantee the device ownership transfer request will be fulfilled, or fulfilled within a certain timeframe. Our support team handles these requests, and this process can take 15 days or more depending on upon what action is taken by the previous owner. If you’re concerned about a short return window, it may be best to return these to the seller you purchased from within that return window.