Good Evening,

I sent my ring doorbell back via UPS last week.

The parcel says when I track it that’ll it’ll return back to the depot by Wednesday 6th December end of day. However I’ve tracked it loads since last week the status has not changed and it stills shows on its way (which it has shown since I’ve requested the label). Can someone help , obviously I’ll wait until end of play tomorrow but what do I do then as it took me 3 hrs of non stop calling and cutting off from calls to even get a label is there any email form or perhaps a chat box ??? I could really do with the refund ….

Hi @user69931. As it is currently the holiday season, UPS could be experiencing some delays with shipping or the status of a label being updated. We don’t have access to account or shipping information here, as the Ring Community is a public forum, so you will need to follow up with our support team via phone to inquire about an update on your return.

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