Refund for order that never arrived

I placed an order for 2 cameras and a doorbell in May and still have not received my order, which was paid in full when the order was placed. Each time I speak to customer service, they direct me to the dispatch team who a couple of days later send me an email with my tracking number and say the product is dispatched, however the product tracking hasn’t been updated since 31 May and just says it’s processing. All I want is a refund. How hard is it. I’m sick of going through this same process, I’m just going round on circles.
Does anyone know how to escalate a complaint?

None of us have access to your account information so you’ll need to continue to work with Support.

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Hi @Frustratedbylackofserv. You’ll need to follow up with our support team and have our account logistics department take a look at what the holdup is. As @SolarEclipse has mentioned, no one here has access to any account information so we’re unable to look into this for you.