Recption Issues

I have had a ring at my home for a few months now and enjoy it albeit one thing. From time to time it does the following;

  1. it does not connect so that I can view it live when triggered

  2. it doesn’t show anything or it shows a still picture from earlier.

I am thinking that I might need to get the extender or change the speed of my internet connection for the wifi signal to connect better but I don’t have a poor wifi connection message. I have a split level house with cameras by the front door, living room, laundry room, and garage. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi TD! To start, have you tested your WiFi at the mounting location? Are all the cameras you mentioned Ring? If so, is this happening on all devices or just one?

Yes, I have it stated that my download/upload speeds were 300+ and 23 + respectively. I think I might need the ring extender. I am going to try that and see what happens today.

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Give our support team a call! They would be more than happy to assist with this :slight_smile: