Recovering activity on a ring door bell

How can I see activity captured on my ring door bell that is 50 days old

Hi there, @Tonic! The default timeframe for your recorded videos to be stored on your Ring account is 60 days. This is true as long as your Protect Plan subscription has not lapsed during, or the recording timeframe was not changed. Check out our help center article on how to adjust recordings to confirm you have it set for the maximum length. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Useless. Do not buy. Videos won’t play back. Thugs scrabble the wifi so camera wont work while they’re breaking you car window and stealing your packages. Not a single episodes was caught on video! I wasted my money on the Ring. Wish I would have purchased something hardwired to ethernet so thugs couldn’t scramble wifi. And I’d have something to show the police. There’s NO customer support. They have excuses for every that doesn’t work correctly. It’s YOUR wifi.Its YOUR battery. Blah blah