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If the camera goes off line will having a card in the camera start recording the video?
I’ve had a few times when ( for what ever reason) the cameras were “off line” and did not record on the cloud service, so I was curious if they had memory cards in them if they would automatically start recording…

This happened to me a little while ago. Sounds like a system outage

Problem with Ring.
Check here.

Yes it was, but sorry that was not my question.

My question is
When that happens ( and I don’t care why)
I KNOW that the cameras will not record on Ring’s servers…
I would like to know if when that happens will the camera automatically start recording on a memory card if one is installed in it. Or will it just be a100$ paperweight waiting to record to the ring servers…

Hi @AT-Dragon. To answer your questions about your Cameras being Offline, they will not record. When they are Offline, they have no Internet connection and cannot communicate with the cloud. Our Ring devices are not equipped with a memory card. When your cameras are offline, you can perform a Power Cycle by removing the power source for 10 seconds, then reintroduce it. You can also follow the steps listed here.

If you would like to see our Ring devices come equipped with a memory card of some sort, I would suggest submitting an idea to the Feature Request Board!

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Thank you

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