Recording/Photo Settings

I have quite a few ring cameras, the alarm system, etc. Also have it mapped in via HomeBridge so all the cameras and sensors work in HomeKit. It’s awesome.

One feature I wish worked is that you could have the picture option on all the time, regardless of the video record settings. For example, I could have all cameras set to take photos at whichever interval the cameras allow, all day. But the camera recording would only turn on when in Home or Away mode.

The alternative is just have the cameras on in all three modes of off, home, and away. That’s fine, but not only do I get pictures but I get video all the time as well when we are home.

What I like about the pictures is if we don’t always turn on the security system, or if we want to be able to scroll back real quick to see some cat that jumped the fence or figure out if someone was around, we can.