Recording Length options

It would be a nice feature if users can have the option to modify the length of recordings for each device or all devices altogether. Even though this may make battery life shorter, perhaps the user can be the one to ultimately decide if they would like 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, or even 120 seconds. User can make the decision if battery life is more important or capturing the entire incident.

There have been many instances where there is motion on a camera or doorbell and the recording just stops in the middle at 30 seconds even though motion or a person is still moving or attempting something.

I specifically have Video Doorbell 2 on battery power and 6 Spotlight Cams on solar power.


Exactly what I need! I view our cultisac and need a longer view time with my solar + 2 batterys installed. I NEED MORE THAN 30 SECONDS, IT TIMES OUT BEFORE THE ACTION LEAVES. Please allow more record time on battery/solar cams!!

I came here on purpose, to comment on this issue exactly.

It’s nice to see that I am not the only one to notice this.

Fully agree!

Spread the word, and let’s make Ring understand that PERMANENT 30s limit on recording (and light, in the case of spotlight cameras) is not acceptable.

If there is motion still occurring, the functionality of the device should not be interrupted, period.

Otherwise, these cannot truly be called security devices, but rather gimmicks who only work for 30s.

A similar request is to allow advancing to the next activity video without exiting and finding the next timed video. It would be better if there was a “next” word or “>” charcter icon to click directly on the video to advance to the next video. This is particularly helpful when needing to see a longer sequence of events than the 30 second video allows. The current system is very tedious.

Recording length is a huge issue, I just watched a Ring video where a thief was scoping out the car he was going to break into. Unfortunately, that’s all that was recorded. It didn’t record the guy actually breaking into the car, nor stealing the things inside and on the car. The option to record for a longer period of time should be given. This is so far stopping me from cancelling my existing home monitoring and signing for Ring Protect and buying more Ring cameras.

Another vote from me. Surprised this is limited.

There is a large thread with people complaing about this which is around 8 months old.

Agreed, I need longer recording on my outdoor stick up cam. The recording stops before the action does and I can see this being an issue should something that needs to be recorded longer happens.

I agree! I wish I could record longer than just 30 seconds. While we await Ring providing this option, I’ve been using the new “Snapshot Capture” feature to keep the camera going past the the 30 second video. It takes a single snap picture in repeating regular intervals that you set on your camera between motion events. Then when you select “Live View” you can scroll back the time bar to view the past events, which will now also play the multiple Snapshots that were taken inbetween the events. It will appear like a sped-up Time-Lapse video.

To set up this feature, go to “Device Settings” on the camera, select “Snapshot Capture”, turn on the Snapshot Capture and select the Frequency (with my cameras, I can select the interval for every 3 minutes, 1 minute, or every 30 seconds … and with my doorbell, I can select snap intervals of every hour, 14 minutes, or 5 minutes). I currently have mine set on the shortest available settings.

I haven’t been able to download any of the snapshots, like you can do with Event Video recordings. I think currently Snapshots can only be viewed for the 60 days with the “Protect Plus” plan.

I wish Ring could make downloading of individual Snapshots possible too. I find that sometimes I discover something interesting that occurred between the regulars video events. But bottomline, the current 30 seconds is insufficient. Either it needs longer time selectable choices, or the video needs to continue recording until all motion has stopped.

In the last portion of my previous post, I incorrectly stated, “I haven’t been able to download any of the snapshots, like you can do with Event Video recordings. I think currently Snapshots can only be viewed for the 60 days with the ‘Protect Plus’ plan.” Well, several updates include:

1st update: Yes, you CAN download Snapshots! Super. Another Neighbor, “CappyNear” wrote in another thread, “It’s the same process as downloading a Motion or Live event. Position the timeline over a snapshot area and use SHARE to download to you iDevice. Several Snapshots (e.g., 11:02 am - 11:17 am) are concatenated into a short video file.” I found that it works like a champ on my android phone, downloading in 15-minute batch files. This only works on your phone App. Thank you very much @CappyNear!

2nd update: Snapshots are stored in the “Ring Cloud” for only 7 days, unlike the Camera Videos which are stored 60 days with the “Protect Plus” Plan. So if you view something of interest, download it before it’s deleted automatically.

3rd update: Recently my 3 Stick-Up Cams (2nd Generation, PLUG-In, not battery), used to have 4 interval selections of: every 30-seconds, every 1 hour, every 14 minutes, and every 5 minutes. Trouble-shooting one cam required a Hard Reset (Orange button held for 30+) and when the firmware updated, the “every 30-seconds” option was gone, leaving only 3 remaining choices. The shortest interval for Snapshots is now “every 5 minutes”. The “30 seconds” option was the closest thing to continuous recording and I found it extremely valuable to catch stuff that occurred between motion-activation events, or activities that were occurring beyond the motion-activation range. To double-check, I used my phone app to view my other two Stick-up Cams, and they both still had the “30-seconds” interval option for Snapshot … BUT then on one of these cams, I toggled from the “30-seconds” to the “5 minutes” option and it switched fine, but now the “30-seconds” option disappearred and hasn’t returned! The last of the 3 Stick-up Cams is still on “30-seconds” and I don’t dare change that selection! So, I have 2 Cams taking Snaps at 5 long minute intervals, with 1 cam still at every 30-seconds.

What happened Ring?

Hey neighbors! In an effort to bring the best neighbor experience for all of our users, we have introduced a new feature that we are currently slow rolling out to our neighbors. This feature is the option in the Ring app to change your Video Recording Length on your Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera. You can learn more about this feature in @Riley_Ring’s Community post here. :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to set the recording time of motion and ring events for my doorbells. I feel that the 30 seconds is not long enough if something is happening. I know blink has the ability to choose recoding length and stop recording when motion stops. It shouldn’t be that hard to do considering both companies are run by amazon.

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