Recording continuous

Ring cameras are great. I happen to have them around the exterior of my home. Their motion recording is nice. What would be nicer is if Ring would offer 24/7 continuous recording for all cameras even if they charged an additional fee it would be worth it. They said they were going to offer this service a couple years ago and have not done it. That’s the camera’s biggest downfall. At some of the most important times of a video there’s a blank spot and you miss the video of something that could possibly be a burglary.
So what good is it as a security camera.
Hey Ring how about 24/7?

I 100% agree! This is a feature that is a must in todays day and age. Often times the recording starts so late after motion is detected that it doesn’t work as intended and the event is missed completely. Come on Ring!!! Please

Since most of Ring’s camera products rely on battery power for operation this won’t be an option for those devices.
I could see where Ring wouldn’t want to jump into having that option for their wired cameras at it’d likely cause confusion for people.