Record without subscription?

Newbie question; does Ring still record video if you don’t take the Protect subscription?
Or doe it only display it in real time?
If it does record with no subscription, how long is it available for?

Welcome to the Community @Forward! Your videos will only be recorded if you are subscribed to one of our Protect Plans, or still within the free trial time frame. Once trial ends, or when you are not subscribed, videos will not be saved and you will want to answer notifications real time, or trigger a live view, to view video. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Can I make a suggestion to the way the forum system works please?
When logging in, the pane that requires you to ‘add the video code sent from ring’ / this mislead me for several attempts, as I was searching old emails from ring in my inbox, as I Assumed I’d been sent one with my original signing up and couldn’t find it. I had no idea that the login trigged one each time. I think it needs to be more clearly phrased.
Thanks for a great product and service.
Oh. One other thing, is it normal for the alert to be delayed? Often I get to the door snd the caller had gone and not waited.

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Currently I am on trial as I just installed the doorbell. Will there be video recording on my phone if I didn’t subscript?

Hey @Roosterhead. Without a Protect Plan, you will be unable to see any recorded events in your event history, as the plan covers the storage of these videos. Without a plan, any old videos will be deleted.