Record Video While Alarming

I love the new “Modes” feature, I’ve been hoping you’d introduce it for awhile now. However I think it can be improved a little bit more with the following. You should have an option for if your Alarm is triggered, while in a mode. For example which Cameras to instantly start recording when an alarm is triggered. I recently used the “Home Mode” which I normally don’t want motion recording turned on. However if I’m home and an alarm is triggered I’d like video evidence of what/who triggered it, while still maintaining my privacy in home mode while it’s not alarming. Thanks!


Hi Guys,

would be really useful if you could activate the sound of the keypad when the system is in away mode and that a door is opened for the configured delay. Would actually tells us by entering the house that the system is armed.

Second thing, there is a partial compatible integration with august smart lock, I find it pretty inconvenient that I can’t used august’s door contact sensir to trigger the opening of the door… I don’t want to install 2 doir contact on the same door.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!