Record but not Alert in People Only Mode for Hardwired devices

I am looking to reduce the amount of notifications I get. I have a Floodlight Cam. I was looking at the People Only mode and I see that for BATTERY powered devices it works the way I want it to, which is that it still records for any event but only sends an alert for events a person is detected in. However, for Hardwired devices like my Floodlight Cam, it will not even record unless it detects the human shape. I don’t understand why there would be this difference, why not just make this a setting change, and if anything makes sense it would be the reverse - a hardwired camera should be able to record as much as you want, it would be the battery powered cameras that you would want to reduce recording time on in order to save battery.

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I agree.

My spotlight cams and doorbell pro notify me every 10 minutes that someone drives by (even on low sensitivity), so I’d like to reduce the number of notifications I receive. That said, I’d like to be able to go back and review the recordings when somebody drives a truck across my lawn and kills all my plants, or when there’s a bear at my back door. People detection will also obviously not be perfect, and I’d hate to miss a recording of someone in a T-Rex costume urinating on my car.

Please help us Ring?

‘People only’ mode has been broken for wired devices since 2019. Check out this thread.

Different issues with different wired devices. For my stick up cam, if it’s set up as wired, it notifies me of all motion (cats, dogs, spiders, people, cars). If I set it up in battery mode, it works properly, recording all motion but only notifying me about people.