Reconnecting chimes

We’ve had a Ring doorbell/chimes for years. Recently we bought and had installed a new doorbell. Installed and working well. OK, not PERFECTLY. The doorbells shows up on my wife’s Ring app (iphone) and she can get notifications and see who’s at the door. My phone (android) doesn’t have the doorbell listed under devices. But that’s not why I’m here . . . yet.
We had 3 chimes. when we changed doorbells, the chimes no longer work. Tried going to each chime and reconnecting. Each time I received a ‘looks like there’s a problem’ popup. Removed all 3 chimes and tried to reinstall. On each attempt, I’m taken to a screen asking if I want to share or transfer. I want neither. Just want to connect them to the doorbell. FWIW, when the doorbell button is pushed, I can here the chime through the doorbell.

Hi @requiredusername. Make sure that the Ring Doorbell and the Ring Chimes are all installed under the same Ring account. You can’t set the Doorbell up on one account, and the Chime up under a different account and then link them. The owner of the Doorbell can then share access to the Doorbell by adding a Shared User.

Once all the devices are set up under the same Ring account, tap the menu in the top left and select Devices, then choose your Chime. Tap on the Audio Settings > Chime Alerts and ensure you have your Chime set to alert you when there is motion or when someone rings the Doorbell. Repeat those steps for each Chime. I hope this helps!