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Hi there folks, I have the Ring stickup battery cam (V3) at my home in the UK and have been overseas for a bit.

The other day having received a 30% battery warning I completely lost signal with the camera.

For a day afterwards it still said it was online but not connectable and then subsequently that the WiFi is down.

I have been unsuccessful in reconnecting it ever since. My assumption is that despite the battery warning that this is a WiFi issue. If that is the case there is naturally nothing I can do to fix the router right now. However I DO have a second router working in my building I could connect to instead.

My question is this. Is it possible for me to connect the camera in the UK to a new WiFi network in that building remotely as I obviously can’t get home to do it myself?

Thanks in advance

Hey @RKTV. When reconnecting a Ring device, you must be with the device to press the setup button, and then it will need to connect to a wifi network in the area, which sounds like it will still only be your home wifi network. Unless you have a neighbor’s wifi you can connect to, you will still need to make sure you or someone else with access to the Ring app/your account can do it for you. Once you’re ready to reconnect it, you can follow the steps in our Help Center Article here.

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This the dumbest functionality that RING could build in. The whole purpose of Ring is to remotely monitor your premises. Power outages are common everywhere. Not being able to reconnect after an outage means losing access to monitoring until you return.


I’ve had many power outages and even some for days. My devices always reconnect without any further intervention. There must be an issue with your internet that causes this.
But, how can Ring make a remote reconnect if it can’t connect in the first place…

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Exactly. I said the same in another post. Major design flaw.

I posted a comment in your floodlight cam section. To paraphrase, one should not have to PRESS A BUTTON to reconnect to WiFi every time there’s a glitch in the matrix. My floodlight is 28 feet up. That puts me at risk every time I have to climb an extension ladder. Why would an expensive product meant to keep us safe put in a design that endangers us???


Hi there, @GKBJR. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. The setup process for Ring devices is intended to be both a quick and secure process. As long as the network connection is sufficient, in most cases, this only needs to be done for initial setup. Your Ring device should automatically reconnect to wifi after a temporary power or wifi outage, unless the signal isn’t strong enough. Check out our Help Center article on signal strength for some tips and tricks. You can also reconnect your Ring devices from the Device Health section of the Ring app, however, this will still require a button push to complete. Check out @Chelsea_Ring response above for reconnection steps. :slight_smile:

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Nuts! The app says camera is offline yet it detects movement, sends alerts and records all events as usual. When you go to live view it says it can’t connect because the camera is offline.

Called support and I need to send someone there to press a button. They are unable to restart it remotely.

Clearly as all previously noted this is totally unacceptable for anyone wishing to use the cameras as designed, or rather, marketed.

And as for any potential intruder just pressing a button and presumably disabling the thing….


I have four cameras, all reconnect after power failure or modem reboot except one, a StickUp camera that is wired to power, and three feet from the router.

I think the tech wizards at Ring need to do a software update that allows rebooting the camera remotely.

I am away and the whole purpose of the cameras is to monitor my house. It makes the camera totally useless if you can’t communicate with it.

In addition, this problem camera is high enough that I have to use a ladder to get to that darn blue button holding an iPad. At 76 years old, I’m fairly fit, but try to minimize my ladder climbing.

Help Ring!



Absolute insanity and a huge failure of the software programmers. It’s always like this with software people. They don’t use the product and don’t test it with real people. You also can’t switch some other settings without being next to the camera. You can’t tell it to use a different wifi without it having to connect to your phones wifi first.

This is the dumbest way to do things. Other brands do this as well.

I think it’s an off the shelf software that they are all using and the average person never deals with it so they don’t care.

What about the recording directly to the cloud instead of a buffer then to the cloud?
All my ring cameras record the wifi glitches! Amazingly, the glitches happen when the action you’re trying to watch happens!

Ring cameras are NOT intended to be a replacement for real security cameras. They are novelty items.


We have a very similar issue. We have 6 cameras and 1 doorbell. After we lose our Internet connection (not power) our cameras go offline and fail to reconnect. The only remedy I have found is to take the batteries out, then they all come back online. Obviously that cannot be done while traveling. That’s a major fail. Another interesting observation is that we have our doorbell connected through a separate router, while the cameras are connected directly to the Comcast gateway/modem. The doorbell survives Internet outages, I guess because the router is still on even when the Gateway is not. Finally: if it’s enough to unplug the batteries to restart, the ring system software should be able to do exactly the same after an outage - automatically, one attempt every hour until it’s back. The current process/lack thereof makes zero sense.

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Agree. Major fail on part of Ring. I am facing he same problem.

You should be able to reset remotely after power failure. It now means I have no coverage while overseas.

I set up internal cameras before my trip and will look to return items because of this flaw. My external Arlo cameras have reconnected after power and internet failures.

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Every time I go away it seems to drop connection, and I cannot reconnect until I come home, its utter madness. I wish I had bought a proper wired system instead of this diy system that is clearly flawed and not fit for purpose. To have a remote wifi system that you cannot reconnect remotely through an app is just rubbish in my opinion, and it should be stated on the advertising.

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I understand the current need to physically push a button on any of the cameras to reset the wifi connection when it fails to do so automatically, but I share everyone’s frustration that it has to be done, (I too have elevated cameras). I was halfway around the world for two months and after the hurricane the wifi that it was connected to went down, there was an alternative wifi I could connect it to but was unable since the requirement of ‘pushing the physical button’. Ideally, I would like to be able to change the wifi connection for both the base station, (via cellular) and by so doing the cameras that are connected to its system. Other Zwave-type systems do this, (to variant degrees). I do have a simple question though, can I at least change the wifi connection being used by the base station via cellular connection so as to not rely solely on cellular?

This is BS. When is Ring g going to change the software so that I don’t need to be home & get up on ladders to get the camera back online?

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