Recommendation to automate non-ring floodlights

I am planning on installing a whole ring setup. Because of the location of some really big trees at the back of the house, I can’t install along the roofline floodlights with motion detectors built in - the leaves from the trees are going to trigger motion at night constantly. I’m planning on installing a ring camera or two much lower down below the leaves to pick up anyone approaching the house.

My plan (if it is possible) is to install either some smart floodlights OR a smart switch on some “dumb” floodlights. I would like to have the Ring camera detect motion and start filming and send signal to turn on the lights or turn on the switch. I would ALSO like to have those lights turn off after some appropriate time (e.g. 10 minutes).

FYI, I already have a Hue hub (so could use Hue floodlights and skip the switch) AND am fulling in the Alexa ecosystem so could use Alexa to help.

Does this combination work? If so, how would I do it?

Hi @Loopy. You could certainly use some Ring Smart Lights for this. With our Linked Devices feature, you can have lights trigger on when motion is detected. You can also setup an Amazon Alexa routine if you choose to go that route. I hope this information is helpful.