Received notification for a post but no post on app

I received a notification on my iphone of a missing grey tabby cat in my area today. When I clicked on the notification there was no post. I got led to the neighbors app but I can’t find the post. I called customer service and they could not help me. my setting are to receive all postings and I even reinstalled the app and tried the ring app. Obviously I’m desperate to find my missing cat. Please help. How could I receive a notification but can’t locate the post?

Hi @MissKing. It’s possible the original post was deleted or removed. The moderation of the Neighbors app is handled by a different team, and they likely would not be able to give you information on someone else’s post. I’m sorry to hear your cat is missing. I’d suggest creating your own post on the Neighbors app to make your local community aware of your missing pet, so they can keep an eye out.