Really Ring, ticky tacky watch a customer walk

I reported the theft the week it happened to both Ring and the Police department the first week of June, the officers investigated with in days. The report was just posted and I had to resubmit, but Ring is refusing based on the date of the report getting to them. I provided the online incident report where I informed the police and included that in the report. Why am I being penalized because I couldn’t get a copy of the report. I informed Ring and the police, they in turn investigated in a timely manner, but records is overwhelmed so it took a while for me to get a copy of the report. That is ticky tacky and I lost all four of my devices if that is the way Ring wants to play, i will not replace with Ring.

Long time customer here. RING does not care about their customers after 1 year warranty. I been with them almost 10 years I think have added 2 cameras of late and have an older camera on side of my house. One stick up cam thats 1.5 years old just stopped working. Connects but no picture. Complete failure. RING said too bad so sad. Warranty expired here is a coupon for a new one so I can pay $60 to them. I would shop around and/or buy a self monitoring system and dont pay a yearly fee which apparently RING does not care if they lose… FYI

Please tell me of a company who minimally does not care about loyalty especially when other cameras are working fine to consider replacing a faulty camera after only 1.5 years? And tells customer to go pound sand. I got it…that would be RING! Anything else you want to quiz me on?

Hi @shanethepepzman. I suggest following up with Ring and asking to speak to a level 2 supervisor. While our Theft Policy does state that incidents need to be reported within 15 days, you should not be penalized for waiting on the paperwork.

@okguy1, you can find a copy of our Warranty here. We also offer an extended warranty for all of our devices. To take advantage of that extended warranty, you must subscribe to the Ring Protect Plus Plan before your 1 year warranty is up.

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No thanks. I have already canceled the one camera that broke after 1.5 years. I will not be purchasing any more products from Ring or extended nonsense warranty if you do not stand by your products. I am in the process of cancelling the subscription on the other stick up camera that is still working will be using it as an auxiliary cam but no yearly recording. I Have bought 2 security cameras with their own memory card no annual fees. They work the same. Bought 2 for the price of your one camera. Plus a few more dollars. Worth it. I will keep the door bell camera as my only subscription until I find a door bell camera that is self sustaining. Your company decided it was worth losing a long time customer with 3 cameras renewing every year. Soon I will be a former customer. Loyalty means nothing to RING…then I will do the same. Good bye!