REALLY need an alert when sensor is removed from system

I had a door sensor disappear completely my app. No notification.

This is a big flaw in the system design. In this case, the sensor was somehow removed from the system - but no one took the cover off or pushed any buttons or did anything on the app to remove it. It just reset and then was no longer monitored because it didn’t exist. Anyone could have broken in to that door and there would be no alarm.

  1. There needs to be a BIG ALERT / EMAIL / Pop-up Notification any time a sensor is removed from the system

It should be something that the user has to acknowledge - and and an email should be sent as well. That way if someone accidentally removes a sensor, or pushes a button that removes it (or in this case - no one did anything to remove it), there is some record and alert that a door or other monitored point is now vulnerable.

It’s not enough to just log its removal. The log is buried in thousands of open/close logs. I only found out this particular sensor was removed because the alarm didn’t go off when I opened a door the next day. In my case it was only a day before I discovered. But in my typical use of the system it could have been months or even never been noticed.

dingaring2 -

Unfortunately, you are definitely NOT the first Ring Community member to experience this problem.

There is seemingly NO EXCUSE for deleting a security device from the list of security devices without the knowledge and/or consent of the user.

This is obviously a serious safety issue. Thus, it’s not clear why it was not fixed as soon as it was first reported.

I agree that there needs to be some type of impossible-to-ignore alert in the Ring app if a security device:

  • Has been deleted
  • Is inoperable
  • Is in danger of becoming inoperable

I am NOT a big fan of sending non-public information via so-called “regular” email, however, because it’s not private (despite what many people may think). Thus, if an alert is sent via email, I’d like to see a somewhat vague/generic one that instructs the user to check an IMPORTANT alert on their Ring app dashboard. (I definitely would NOT want Ring to send me an email message that said “Your Front Door Alarm Sensor is currently inoperable due to low battery capacity”… or “Your Front Door Alarm Sensor has been removed from your alarm system”.)

Interestingly, if I remember correctly… in the past, if a 1st Gen Alarm Sensor had a low battery situation, the user would be forced to manually perform one of the following tasks before they could “arm” the alarm system:

  • Override the problem device (leaving the alarm system vulnerable) or
  • Remove the problem device (leaving the alarm system vulnerable) or
  • Fix the problem (for example, by replacing the battery)

Unfortunately, it’s not clear that this is still the case. I hope Ring didn’t remove this important safety feature because some hysterical/irate customer complained!