Reaching original owner

Ring (after promising the sun and the moon over the phone) refuses to contact the original owner of a used device I have bought from a very reputable store, simply because that store is “not an authorized reseller”. I have already requested the complete deletion of my account and cancelled the orders for the further (new) Ring devices I had, will detail why later. However I’d like to be able to reach the owner anyhow. I charged the camera and turned it on, but I don’t think it can connect to any wifi here (all password protected).

Now if I were the original owner and my camera suddenly showed up in NYC on 9th avenue in a store, while still connected to my account, I’d like to know it. This was either stolen during a move (it came with the box and al accessories), or the owner themselves sold it. As far as I know that store IDs every seller of used things. I thought it would be friendlier if I could somehow get this camera to ping the owner. Because if he is the seller and the store will ping them, I don’t think that will be a pleasant conversation. And of course if this was stolen during a move, I am quite certain that the owner would like to know that it surfaced.

If anyone has an idea on how to make this camera somehow connect back to its owner, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise on Monday it’s going back to Hollywood’s favorite tech megastore who will probably be less than enthused next time the owner shows up for something.

And unrelated to the topic: I did decide never to use a Ring device because of how this customer service experience gone. If I were the original owner I would want Ring to help me out. Either in finding a stolen device, or in notifying me of a mistake I made before I get into trouble by misrepresenting and item I sold. Either be the case (I must assume that — essentially — bricking the device was not intentional by the owner), Ring is either aiding a thief or creating trouble for people (including the owner) just because it’s more convenient for them. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not putting my security in the hands of a group that does the least they can legally get away with. I understand and respect that that is their choice for modus operandi, my choice is to not trust them with my security.