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I have spent the past hour navagating your site to try and find a way to email the company regarding my frustration with an order. Absolutely no way to email Ring support. Now I’m even more frustrated but am leaving my comment here anyway. :frowning: I wanted to share my disappointment with your customer service procedures that I experienced last week. I ordered a Ring Starter Kit and a suggested additional purchase came up at the bottom of the online cart advertising a Solar Battery Charger for the doorbell contained in my Starter Kit. I decided to buy that as well. The next morning, I was reviewing my email order receipt and noticed when I drilled into each item, the solar charger was for version 2 of the doorbell, yet the Starter Pack contains version 3. I called Customer Service to advise how to handle. Although my items had not been shipped, your company was not able to modify or cancel the shipment. I had to make an additional purchase for the correct solar battery charger. I was told after the first package arrives, to call back so I can be issued a return label for the wrong charger. I asked why she couldn’t issue the return label while I was still on the phone with her, to save me another call. Her response was she was unable to do that UNTIL THE ITEM SHIPS! I find no fault with the customer rep….I do however want you to know how backwards the process appears. For an issue that was really caused by your own website recommending an incompatible product, it seems to be a bit cumbersome to rectify on my end. If the items haven’t been shipped, it makes sense to rectify the order prior to it arriving on my doorstep. As a first introduction to Ring, I’m not impressed and haven’t even received the product yet. As pricey as my purchase was, I definitely expected better service.

Hi @KristieD ,

I can understand your frustration, and I’m sorry to hear this. But I do understand because a similar thing happened to me. But once I understood the reasoning behind this apparent rigid-procedure by Ring, I said, “Ahhhhhhh, now I get it” and the whole exchange/refund event turned out to be quite painless.

First, because of this dang Covid-19 mess, Ring personnel are on split-shifts teams to reduce possible spreading of the virus. A fall-out result of this means that their Support hours have been reduced, and until further notice they suspended their normal ENGLISH email-service.

In my case, I didn’t catch my purchase error immediately when I accidentially placed an online order for a Battery-powered Stick-up camera instead of what I really wanted which was a Plug-in Stick-up camera.

As it turns out, once you place an order, you have only about 30-45 minutes to intercept that purchase order if you want to change or cancel. Ring is streamlined to get your product to you as quick as possible. Once the warehouse electronically receives your order, and even though your package may have not even left the warehouse, it is already too far into the computerized “shipping-process” and it’s pretty much unstoppable. I imagined it was in the hands of computer automation and complex system tracking . . . I dunno.

So I did not even wait, and I made another correct purchase order for the correct Plug-in Stick-up cam.

Now once your order is in “The System” and in the process of trying to get to you as fast as possible, this computerize ‘smart-system’ is too smart, and cannot “call-up” an item to return, when it hasn’t even been shipped yet. It is logical when you think about it. And whoever wrote the computer-code for “The System” appartently made it very sequential (Pass order to warehouse, issue shipping labels, get products collected, . . . . dada, dada,dada ). So the process has to be along pretty far before the option for “Return or Refund” even becomes an avalible option on the Customer Representative’s computer screen. Ring ties your purchase order to your Shipping information. Since it isn’t even shipped yet, it doesn’t have the required shipping number or information that are neccessary information needed to issue a return shipping label. Sounds logical.

But once my incorrect order was along sufficiently in the “shipping process”, I called and talked with the Ring Rep, who does a email account verification with you, and then explained my reason for wanting to return the item. Then I was sent an email with the return procedures and an attachment file to print the free return-shipping label. Typically 7 to 10 days after “The System” receives confirmation that the returned item was received and inspected, a refund is issued back to my credit-card.

It’s not as backwards a process, as both you and I initially thought. I hope that like me, it helps a bit, and you also say,“Ah, now I get it.” At the least you know I went through this same “head-scratching” procedure, so you aren’t alone. I do hope you have a good day :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Concerning your comment, _“For an issue that was really caused by your own website recommending an incompatible product” . . . _I don’t know anything about that.

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