Rapid ring

Need a way to rapidly access cameras such as was possible in the rapid ring app. Fine if you can find a way to bundle it into the main app, but you have not done so.

Your community manager wrote that the ring app would “provide our customers with the same, and even better, the experience they came to expect from the Rapid Ring app” in your deprecation message but that is a plainly false statement. The ring app does not provide the same functionality, it requires many clicks to get to a camera view. It can take up to 11 clicks to get to a camera in the ring app whereas it took one click on rapid ring.

Here are some of the features you need to implement to restore the functionality lost:

  1. All cameras clickable off the main screen without scrolling (no large preview image)

  2. App always opens to the main screen. Today if you view a camera, flip away, and then flip back you’re still on that sub page and that’s where it can take 11 clicks to get a different camera up

  3. No delay on main page loading non critical content like neighbors, event history, alarm status or image previews. Cameras must be immediately clickable without scrolling

  4. Clicking the camera on the main page immediately opens live view, while providing a DIFFERENT way of opening the history. Not an option to pick either/or in settings since both views require rapid access

I get you think that you addressed the issue by speeding up camera loads in the main app but you haven’t even come close to addressing the feature gap left by deprecating rapid ring

iPhone user here. I agree. I cannot get into my cameras as fast as rapid ring. Was my favorite feature. Not happy with the change

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So I am really sad to see this Rapid Ring go away.

As we all know the ring app is slow…. Very slow on pulling up the live stream if it pulls up at all.
It’s a crap shoot…. If it will even work.

So what upgrades did I the Ring app get? God I hope the live stream viewing is a lot better or I’ll have to move my services else where.

Is there some sort of ring home DVR that will store the data here then up load to the cloud? I think that would solve some lagging issues.

Please I would like to know what upgrades the Ring app is getting.

Susan W
10 plus year customer

Totally miss the Rapid Ring App, it takes sooo much longer to get a quick camera view with the regular Ring App. Is there a similar app or work around.

I work from home and have contractors and delivery agents coming and going constantly. I used the Rapid Ring app to provide a quick, rich notification I could check on while multitasking. Now that I have to rely on the standalone Ring app, I’m not happy.

Sometimes, I want to see what’s happening right this moment without having to wait seconds for a live shot and recording to load. Even with Gig-speed Wifi internet in the home and an iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16, it’s just too laggy to be depended on. It’s not me–it’s you.

Ring Team: I like having the recordings on hand in case I’m away from home and want to keep an eye on things, but we need a quicker option to view live camera views without dumbing down the rest of the app itself. Bring back an app or feature to replace Rapid Ring.