Rapid Ring Notification Sound

I’ve started using the Rapid app because the live view STILL isn’t fixed properly when using a Galaxy Note/Galaxy Watch with bluetooth, though I’m impressed with the speed I cant figure out how to get notification sounds for motion alerts?
I’ve changed the Ring Ding Channel sound to the default Ring, but there isnt an option for motion like the main app, and the Rapid App has suppressed notifications from the main app .
Does anyone know a work around? I’m happy to have notifications from both apps if needs be, but I need a sound if motion is detected


You can toggle motion alerts by using the gear icon on the top right. Once you turn it in you will get notifications.

Yes they are toggled on, however they only give visual popup notifications, I need an Audible notification sound.

After tapping Ring Dings channel. Tap advanced. Then Sound default. Then internal. You should then see the Ring times you can set to be default.

There is no advanced option? Theres only one section to choose the sound for the bell, I want a different motion sound for my rear spot cam and another for motion at the doorbell cam, or atleast some sound at all, at the moment, motion notifications aren’t making any sound.

I think you have an older version of Android. But the default sound should at least change it so you hear something.
But I can only set one sound for all motion on rapid Ring. The Ring app allows me to set for each device. I use an app that make voice notifications. So, a rear camera alert will state rear camera motion on my phone. I use the Ring app for notifications but the Rapid for slightly quicker viewing.

Which app do you use for voice notifications? The Ring app has “There is someone at your front door” but there is not a voice alert for the floodlight cam in the driveway. - ALSO - Does Rapid Ring app over ride the Ring app notifications? I like the speed Rapid Ring activates both live cameras, but I want separate notifications for the floodlight and the front door. Rapid Ring app appears to have one tone for motion alerts and one for ring alerts.