Rapid ring app

I want to know who on this community contributed to the knowledge that they could improve the Ring app so that it would work better and thus ditch rapid ring??

Ring app is absolute rubbish there’s no performance improvement it’s slow and clunky as it has always been and I just tested it again after 2 years no difference . Sometimes notifications don’t even appear so it’s not a reliable solution anymore.

Can’t believe rapid ring has been dumped on this premise.

When will rapid ring be fully shut down? Saying for now it’s available isn’t good enough because I need to decide if I start looking at other brands that will work better. Clearly this is purely to cut costs and nothing else but the consumer is always considered to be stupid.

Why have to develop 2 apps when the main Ring app works fine for most folks.
Maybe you should try to discover why you are having issues using it and get it fixed? For the one issue you mention, I’ve never missed a notification on my Ring App in Android.

Good luck!

The Ring app is slow and laggy. And it functions differently from the Rapid Ring App. The point of Rapid Ring was that it’s lightweight and fast. I have integrated Rapid Ring on tablets as a solution to automatically launch Live view when a notification occurs. With Ring it doesn’t work the same so is useless now. This has really annoyed me. The point of Rapid Ring was because Ring App is and always has been useless certainly for users in the UK. I now have to waste hours of my time looking at alternative brands and trying to find a similar solution that will work for me.

So the real reason it’s deprecated is purely cost saving. They’ve made NO improvements to the Ring app it’s a complete lie.

If they REALLY claim to incorporate Rapid Ring features INTO Ring then why am I not able to disable features within Ring App to make it lightweight.

Oh and Ring would never help with my Integrations because they will just say not supported. I absolutely Regret buying Ring products. I have 4 floodlight cams and the Alarm system too.

Rapid Ring takes 2 to 3 seconds to load camera images, Ring app is crowded and takes twice as long to do same thing. Please keep Rapid Ring as is.