Rapid Ring App Discontinuation

Yep, I’m not willing to jump through all of the usual hoops when I know for a fact it is not on my end.

Worse thing you have done it was very quick when you wanted to answer door can see no improvement in the ring app very slow going to look for alternative door bell


Rapid Ring discontinuation is a wrong decision!

No matter what you say, just quickly viewing my cams takes too much effort via the Ring app. Listen to your customers and make sure that Rapid Ring keeps functioning. As of yesterday, I’m unable to view my cams via the Rapid Ring app, unless I open the app via a notification.

I’m an unhappy, paying, Ring user. Listen to us and re-support Rapid Ring. I really don’t understand why you break something that worked perfect! Ring app is not able to do what Rapid Ring can!

I’m getting more and more frustrated about this and the ignorance of the Ring development team. As soon as my hardware fails I will for sure change to another supplier.

Thanks for nothing @Ring.

It seems now that Rapid Ring has completely stopped working. This is the message I get: “This means Rapid Ring has been retired”.

I can’t stress enough how disappointed customer I am and how wrong this devision is. I will never buy Ring products again and will tell everyone else not to do so. Such a shame.


Discontinuing Rapid Ring BIG MISTAKE!!!


I can’t stress enough Ring stop supporting Rapid Ring app was a very poor decision. The combination of the Ring app and Rapid Ring app was the best . Now just relying on the Ring app alone is not dependable and slow. Not a happy camper!


I am so upset that my Rapid Ring app no longer works on IOS 15+. I have strong internet, RSSi, etc. when I had a ring at the door, it took under 2 seconds to invoke Rapid Ting app and get instant video feed. Now with the Ring App, it takes on the order of 10+ seconds to get a live video feed between app load, and required clicks. This is untenable and defeats the purpose of ring. Please bring back Rapid Ring; Ring app proper is just way too bloated for quick video live feeds.


The Ring app is too big, and takes forever to load. It’s not a video streaming issue, it’s a function of the Ring app load time itself. Rapid Ring was lightweight, and not bloated like the Ring App.

Bring Rapid Ring back! Listen to your customers!