Rapid Ring App Discontinuation

Hey neighbors! We wanted to share this announcement with the Community that as of July 27, 2022, Ring will no longer release any new versions of the Rapid Ring app. Our teams have learned a great deal from our Rapid Ring app users over the two years and have used those learnings to optimize the core Ring App to provide our customers with the same, and even better, the experience they came to expect from the Rapid Ring app.

Our team is committed to continually innovating on behalf of our customers and, with this update, will increase its time and investment in building more enhancements to the core app that will help keep neighbors safe.

With this change in mind, if you are currently using the Rapid Ring app, we recommend to make sure you have the latest version of the core Ring mobile app installed, and start using that instead. In addition, ensure that you enable push notifications for your core Ring mobile app once you have switched over, to ensure you receive all the proper notifications.

We will not be releasing any new Rapid Ring app versions after the 1.39.1 release for iOS, Android, and Fire OS platforms. This also means that the Rapid Ring app will support only those doorbells and cameras released before the last Rapid Ring release.

If you are running into any issues with the core Ring mobile app, specifically around Live View performance or latency, please reach out directly to our support team for additional assistance here.

We will make sure to keep neighbors updated on this topic, and appreciate your understanding in this decision. Please feel free to leave any additional comments or feedback regarding this below, and any features you are looking for in the future, share in our Feature Request Board here. Thank you, neighbors!

NOTE: This announcement only applies to Rapid Ring users. The core Ring mobile app will not be altered or impacted from this change.


Thanks for nothing. Rapid ring works fast. What do they say about not trying to fix what isn’t broken? Also since you are improving things for your customers try fixing access to your online shop. The log in just keeps taking me round in circles. Perhaps one of the tech people who won’t now be working on rapid ring can fix that since it actually is broken?


The ring app does not have the same features as rapid ring. When I open the ring app it takes many clicks and 10+ seconds to get the camera open, as opposed to the rapid ring which takes 1-2 clicks and about 2 seconds.

I just tried with the ring app and my current experience was:

  1. Click ring app
  2. It opened up to some other camera
  3. Click the very small ‘x’ in the top left
  4. It takes me to the control page for that camera
  5. Again click the small ‘x’
  6. It takes my to the main page
  7. Scroll down to the camera I want (below the fold)
  8. Click on the camera
  9. It loads the page for that camera
  10. Click live view
  11. It loads the live view


That is WAY too many steps to be considered rapid and you simply cannot claim it’s the same as the one click experience provided by rapid ring.

If you want to claim it’s providing the same functionality you need to eliminate those clicks.

I use rapid ring for security. Something is happening and I want to see it. I can’t see it quickly enough in the convoluted ring app that has 11 steps to bring up the video.

WAY too slow. This isn’t about speed of loading video (which may be less of a problem) it’s about getting to that video in a big hurry with as few steps as possible before events are no longer visible on camera.

Yes I know you have an “instant live view” feature that will stop it at “only” 9 steps, but then that slows down how fast I can get to the video history. Today I use ring if I want history, rapid ring if I want live. I need both to be fast.


After IOS14, my ring app never connects live view. Rapid Ring works every time. If rapid ring quits working my ring cameras will be near useless.


El video de la app no funciona en mi área a través de android 11 internet de la empresa tigo Guatemala, unicamente por wifi o utilizando la app rapid ring, ojala mejoraran la app para resolver ese problema de coneccion del video de la app

Rapid Ring is lightweight app that does what 90% of your customers want. I dont want to see my neighbors status, ring app animated home page and many clicks before getting to the camera. I used Ring app to configure it the first time and uninstalled it since then. Rapid ring should stay as it gives me the notification and camera and thats what I want in the entire app.


Very poor decision on Rings part. Very upset by it. You have many great points!


I only use Rapid Ring, it’s fast regular ring is way to slow

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Its too expensive to maintain multiple apps so Ring/Amazon is shufting us and giving us the ring finger instead. They know their customers wont leave easily because of vendor lock-in with regards to home security systems.

Maybe I’m just overlooking it, but is there any kind of widget or in-app shortcut support?
Other smart home apps offer the solution to long-press the application icon to dive directly into a specific device (or create a shortcut directly to a specific device). I think that would solve this problem for many!
For Android, this is explained here: App shortcuts overview  |  Android Developers
And here’s what it looks like for the user:

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agree, there should be widgets/shortcuts for whatever one wants to set. but Ring is just killing off apps, leaving bugs, and not adding useful/common sense features that all of their competitors offer, so don’t hold your breathe!

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Rapid ring provided a snapshot of the person at the door on my watch. Ring does not. Step way down in features, as the Ring app has not noticeably changed at all. Rapid Ring was two steps to live video, Ring is several. Not happy.


Very disappointed Rapid Ring is twice as fast and better than regular ring app. why discontinue what is truly the better app?


Yea I’m kinda used to Rapid Ring myself. But no biggie to me. Like Solar said I can get live camera in two clicks.
There’s a setting under device settings I believe. Then video settings I believe that you can turn that on and off. Mine is on which allows it to go live the second I tap it.


Rapid Ring is very useful. The main ring app takes much longer to load the live video feed, and provides notifications reliably.

I need the full ring app to manage the cameras. The rest of the family loved rapid ring.

Consider adding the features from Rapid Ring into the app before cancellation.

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DO NOT TAKE OUR RAPID RING AWAY!! One of the worst divisions ever :weary:


I use macrodroid to open a live feed when i get a Ring notification. The notification from the main Ring app does not give me a snapshot and does not work with my macro. If I try to manually view the notification half the time the person is gone by the time i get it open. Please enable an auto open feature or keep on supporting Rapid Ring. Better yet get with Google and figure out an auto open when the phone is locked

Bring back rapid ring support ! It’s a lot faster and we love it! The supposedly updated ring app is still a lot slower than rapid ring! The company DROPPED the BALL on this big time! Listen to your customers! How about that?

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Its time ring gets an SD card slot or allow to record to your phones SD catd straight instead of having to export to the phone SD , or is it you just want more money, iive in the UK and not the over priced usa aswe no its all about lets get as much money as we can, even down to the phone call to you thats aver priced

All was well in Mikey Land until two days ago. I have nine ring cameras spread out over two acres. I have an Asus Zen Mesh system and 500 Mb internet. I consistently get 300 to 400 Mbps on a speedtest next to each camera.

I have created macros using Macrodroid that have worked quite well. These would open Rapid Ring when I received a notification and then shut everything down when I was through answering the door or checking out my driveway etc.

Ring, on their end, is convinced the main Ring app is just as good as Rapid Ring. In the past couple of days Rapid Ring has become useless. I surmise it is slowly being completely phased out.

The main Ring app takes quite awhile to load on my phone most of the time I receive a message saying this is taking longer than expected. At least half of the time a camera won’t load a live feed. This was never the case with Rapid Ring. When using Rapid Ring my live feed would load in 3 to 4 seconds. With the main Ring app it is more like 6 to 10 seconds if and when it loads.

I don’t want to hear all the troubleshooting tips Ring has to offer. This is on their end. I can load the Ring app and try a live feed and it never works. I can close the app and try again and it loads immediately on the same camera.

I get a failed live feed load on a camera and then try a different camera on the same mesh node and it will load without any problems. I try the same camera two minutes later and it fails to load.

I have great WiFi, great internet, great RSSI and great RSSI on all of the nodes.

These problems persist on two phones with different carriers. Three different tablets and also on a hardwired PC.

Come on Ring I am committed to Ring and can’t afford to switch. Either bring back Rapid Ring or get this fixed.