Random Live Event Recordings

So this is a concern about privacy in my own home! I first noticed random live events popping up on my history, but gave it no second thought because I assumed it was my wife checking in while she was at work (she works nights). These live events are in the middle of the night usually, but the strange thing is that they are recorded on multiple devices at the same time. Now, before anyone (including you, RING) suggest that it’s because I might have “linked devices” that’s not why. Events on from linked devices don’t (1) record as LIVE EVENTS (2) record on non linked devices (3) don’t record for TEN MINUTES on MULTIPLE devices at once. It finally clicked one night when I rolled over in the middle of the night and noticed the blue light (sign that someone is using LIVE VIEW) was lit up on one of my internal cameras. The only other person with shared access to the cameras was asleep next to me! I reached for my phone and that’s when I saw that THREE different cameras (one of which was INDOOR) had live recordings at the same time for a period of TEN minutes each. Talk about a VIOLATION OF PRIVACY!!! Ironically those random recordings stopped after I spoke to customer care about another issue…but yesterday (September 13, 2021) I had a total of OVER 40 live recordings on THREE of my cameras all at the same time. Some for a few seconds and some for TEN minutes. The reason I saw it this time is because I got a notification saying my doorbell cam was low on battery all of a sudden. I wonder why…What’s going on with your security cameras, RING???

As of this morning…I already have three random live recordings registered on my history.

I tried to add all the pics to show the live events recorded, but because I’m “New” according to RING…even though I have posted on here before…I’m only allowed ONE pic.

RING, I would really appreciate someone from your tech support reaching out to me about this!

Just FYI, the only way to get support is to call them. No one from support will contact you via these user forums.

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I figured they wouldn’t, this is more of a “paper trail” than anything else in case I need it down the road. :wink:

gijose83 -

Wow… I would definitely be very worried if I were you.

Is it safe to assume:

  • The email address you use for your Ring account is not used for any other purpose
  • You use strong/random passwords for everything, including your Ring account
  • You use an authentication app/feature 2FA method for your Ring account in case any of the following have been compromised:
    • Ring account
    • Cellphone number and/or cellphone account
    • Email address and/or email account
  • You have considered the possibility of some type of malware infection on one or more of your cellphone/computing/modem/router/other devices.

Hopefully, Ring Community members and/or Ring Support can help you quickly solve your problems.

(It would be very helpful if you post a message here when you discover both the cause and solution for your problems. I’m sure Ring Community members would be very interested in the details, so they could take appropriate precautions.)

Hi @gijose83. This is definitely an odd situation. To build upon what @Frustrated427 has called out, I suggest reviewing your Authorized Client Devices. This Community article here has information on what this is. To summarize, Authorized Client Devices is a list of devices that are, or have been, logged in using your credentials (phone, tablet, desktop, etc).

I would consider looking into if you have an Amazon Echo devices that may be configured to automatically Live View with Motion, or if there are any schedules in place. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, this forum is not monitored by a member of our support team and none of the Ring members here, myself included, are able to access any information on anyones Ring account.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I monitor the the authorized devices, and that is NOT the problem. I get random “live view” notifications every so often. These are at times that we could not possibly have been using the app. Frankly, the quality of the coverage for these products makes me certain I will not use them for an alarm system. The driveway spotlight cam and the doorbells are wonderful for letting me know when there are raindrops, snowflakes and bugs. I may have to disconnect the camera when we get winter snow.