Random Call Regarding Doorbell Security

I have had a decorator working at my property all week and leaves his van on my drive.

He got home last night and received a random call from someone who had seen his phone number on the van.

What he said was that he got it from my Ring Camera, and described my drive and front of house. Told the decorator to tell me to reset the doorbell to factory settings.

Apart from complex passwords and 2FA the camera is more or less factory default.

To me it smacks of a scammer getting his details when he passed my house, and by getting me to reset to factory, would disable 2FA etc.

Unless anyone has any other theory, or even had a similar call??

As you said all one had to do was walk by your house to get all that info.
If you have 2FA and a complex password I would ignore it as some obnoxious neighbor pulling a sick joke.