Quiet entry delay bug needs fixing

This issue was in a different post, but there was no resolution to it and that post has been closed. This is a real problem and not user error. Others have posted they have the same problem, and calling support center did not help.

Half the time I enter my home, the entry delay is working and it audibly reminds me I need to disarm the system. The other half of the time, no audible message is broadcast. This means quite often my neighborhood hears my alarm system go off!! For a $800 security system, I can’t recommend this to anyone unless I get a real fix. The more this happens and irritates me, the more I’m going to trash this system on Google Reviews.

Hi @ktwalker. The Entry Delay should always sound when your Ring Alarm system is armed and you trigger a Main Door Contact Sensor. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we can advise on some general troubleshooting tips, but cannot see any device information. I’d recommend double-checking that the Contact Sensor on your front door is set as a Main Door, then check your Modes settings to ensure the Entry and Exit Delays are set to the right duration.

If everything looks correct in the settings, you can perform a reboot on your Base Station from within the Ring app. Navigate to Devices > Ring Alarm Base Station > Device Settings > Advanced Options > Reboot System. The reboot should only take a few moments, and will bring your system offline. Should the Entry Delay still not function correctly after checking the settings and performing a reboot, please follow up with our support team. Request to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically so they can take a look at what might be causing this.