quiestion about ownership transfer with existing plan

Hi folks,

I am going to transfer my video doorbell to a family member, I read FAQ I can just remove device from my account, and it will be abel to setup with new account.

But how about the plan I already paid, it still have 9 months long, dose my paid plan also transfer to new account?

If any of you know about this, please share your answer to me, thank you in advance!


Hi @nanoc. Yes, you are correct that all you need to do is remove the Doorbell from your account and it will be ready to be set up under a different account. As for the Ring Protect subscription, you’d want to cancel this first, as you will receive a refund for the remaining time left in your plan. You can follow the steps in our Help Center Article here to cancel your subscription. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will try that, btw, I didn’t receive an email since I start this topic, and I tick the box for EMAIL ME WHEN SOMEONE REPLIES. That’s why I didn’t reply you right after your answer. Sorry about that.

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