Quick Reply Cancelled with Door Open

With the new Quick Reply feature, visitors can leave a message with the doorbell if no one is available to answer the door. However, there is no easy way to stop the Quick Reply if you intend to answer the door, usually leading to an awkward moment when the message starts and you’re standing in the doorway.

For those with Ring Alarm, I’m proposing an additional setting in the App for Quick Replies, where you can designate a door contact sensor to cancel the Quick Reply. If the selected contact sensor triggers that the door has opened, the Quick Reply will be cancelled. This gives the Ring system an easy way to know that you’ve answered the door and a Quick Reply isn’t needed.

Cannot second this enough, comes across as automation gone too far and either results in embarrassment or having to quickly answer & disconnect the Ring while going to open the door. Contact sensor would fix this immediately

I’m so glad that others agree with me. I was searching on the web for a way to do this but found this suggestion instead. I hope Ring will do this. Doesn’t seem like it’s complicated and increases the value of the feature dramatically.

Yes, I couldn’t agree with this suggestion more. I turned off this feature entirely because it’s too hard to talk to the visitor on the off chance that I actually need to answer it…

100%. This is a no-brainer. Surprised this wasn’t a feature from the outset, this should be an advantage of having both a Ring doorbell and a Ring alarm system. Can’t use Quick Replies until this becomes possible.

I have the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 and have been trying out the new Quick Replies feature.

First of all, the response times need to have longer options. Sometimes I can’t get to the door in 20 seconds.

Second, I hear the doorbell ring and I head to the door without looking at my phone first. A few seconds after I open the door, the doorbell is playing the quick reply message I selected. We should be able to link the contact sensor on the door near the doorbell and then disable the quick reply if the door is opened.