Quick Replies for my Ring Intercom

Could you confirm if Quick Replies is going to be added to Ring Intercom in a future update.

FYI I was surprised that I could not find a work around for this i.e. an answering machine app for android or a way to connect the audio output to the audio input with a virtual audio cable to play a prerecorded message. If there is as work around I appreciate some guidance. Currently if I am away from home and someone presses my intercom the Ring Intercom pings Alexa on my Echo Dot which in turn triggers an old smartphone to play a prerecorded message and record any incoming message, This is a far from elegant solution.

I just noticed a similar post requesting this .


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When the app is unreachable or nobody answers, we should be able to play a pre-recorded message and ask the visitor to leave a message.

Hey @samgala, thank you for sharing your feedback and pointing out a similar quest. I have merged both requests together so we can more easily keep track of this suggestion. We do not typically respond to feature requests unless we have any relevant information to share, and we don’t have information we can share on timelines or future updates.

Or tell the parcelservice “nobody home, pleas leave the parcel in the backyard”. (… or whereever)

Any update on this?

Would be really nice to know they are working on it or anything

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Just installed the Intercom today. Great potential, but super surprised by the lack of this feature. I keep answering manually to say “please leave the package in the elevator and send it to the 5th floor”, then buzz open. If only I could record that and have a shortcut to do this routine? Is that what Quick Replies would offer?

In addition, in the Alexa app, could we allow to make Alexa speak to the Intercom? Say “XYZ” and then open.