Quick release battery charging light blinks on and goes off and won't charge

Upon recently trying to recharge my spot cam quick release battery, that the app said was 0%, it seems to not be charging. When I plug the USB cord in the orange charging light blinks for a millisecond and goes out while the green light stays lit. I have put it in my doorbell to verify that is dead and it is.

I have had it on a charger for about 6 hours and still will not start my doorbell.

When I chatted with support he insisted that the battery was fully charged and ended the chat. Sorry, but that was total BS.

I am assuming it is trash but I wanted to ask someone that may know something before I trashed it.

Any help is greatly appreciate, these things are too expensive to throw away after just a couple years use, if that.


Hi @Zedster. Your Rechargeable Quick Release Battery Pack should recharge after a 6 hours of being plugged in. I would try plugging it in using a different cable and outlet. If you are still not getting a fully charged battery, it may be at the end of life cycle.