Quick Arm & Quick Disarm Keypad Options

I would like two options to be added to the app. One would be a Quick Arm, and the other would be a Quick Disarm.

The Quick Arm would make it so that when you hit the Home or Away button on the keypad (only that button) it will start the countdown to arm the system, without having to type the code first. The way I see it, if my system is already disarmed, there is no need to verify my identity to arm it. Or at least, that should be my decision to make.

The “Quick Disarm” option would automatically set the system to “Disarm” mode during an entry delay, upon entering the code. In other words, if you trigger your door sensor as you get home, you would only have to type “1234” and the system disarms itself, rather than “1234, (Disarm button)”.

The Quick Disarm should also make it so that during an exit delay, if you realize you forgot something, you should be able to just press “Disarm” and stop the countdown, rather than having to type "1234, (Disarm button). If the system hasn’t finished arming, I shouldn’t need my code to stop arming. Chances are pretty slim that a burglar has already arrived within 60 seconds.

I appreciate your feedback. Personally, I’d rather change a setting one time to prevent 4 key presses every time I leave, and one key press every time I get home.

It’s just not intuitive keypad design. I’m switching from SimpliSafe, and their default behavior was like what I described in this request.

There definitely shouldn’t be a need to input a code to arm the system. If someone breaks into my house and wants to arm the alarm, let them!

I have my Ring system integrated with Home Assistant, and I’ve set up automations so that when the system changes from disarmed to armed, it will automatically turn off all of my lights, turn off my TV & connected devices, set the thermostat to away mode, and start the vacuum cleaner (unless the vacuum has already ran that day, then it will skip that step).

Being able to do all of this by pressing a single button as I leave is the dream.