Questions on Solar Spotlight Cam Plus

I’m interested in getting the Solar Spotlight Cam Plus. I have Ring doorbells and window/door sensors already, with one of those Chime things. I plan on putting this camera on my detached garage. I have one of the window/door sensors on the garage door and it periodically will go offline for no reason. I had contacted Ring and they suggested I either put the Chime thing closer to the garage or get a second one to put in the garage so it won’t lose connection. I cannot put it closer to the garage without putting it outside and I’m not spending more money to get a second one only for that one garage sensor. My question is, if I put this spotlight camera on the garage, is this also going to end up going offline for no reason? I have the sensor on the inside of the garage door, where this camera would be outside, so I don’t know if that would make it a better connection to that Chime thing?

Hi @ChiGSD. It is hard to say if your Camera will connect to your wifi when placed outside your detached garage. It would depend on how far that spot is from your WiFi router and what is in between that causes interference. In situations like this, wifi extenders like a Chime Pro sometimes work to get a signal out to a Camera that is to far away from the router. However, it is not guaranteed to connect or stay connected because detached garages can sometimes be to far away even when using a wifi extender.