Questions on motion detection and managing floods - as well as three way switch

I’m looking to replace two flood lights on my deck. These do not have motion detection. Was considering one with a camera and one smart wired flood light. Currently my floods are on a three way switch. Here’s my questions:

  • Can I disable motion detection and turn on the lights when needed. To prevent them coming on often in the night due to nighttime critters and trees swinging…

  • Can I use the switches to turn on the floods vs having to use the app or rely on motion detection (eg. having people over and just want them on… and my wife wanting to just hit a switch an walk outside - assuming motion is disabled).

-Any issues with three way switches?


Hi @tomn68. For the Floodlight Cam, you can learn more about the motion detection in our Ring Help Center Article here. You will not be able to disable motion recording, but you can adjust the motion detection range for the lights and have it where the Cam’s lights will turn off after a set amount of time. Additionally, you can make motion zones so you can avoid areas that may be normally traffic filled. The lights can also be turned off and on when needed.

The Floodlight Wired for the Smart Lighting system is a bit different, and will also need a Ring Bridge in order to connect to your Ring app. You can learn more about the Floodlight Wired here and its motion detection here.

You can have the device connected to a switch either way, but it’s good to know that these devices may report as “offline” after quite some time of having power disconnected. It would instead be best for you to use the app to turn lights on/off as needed instead of disconnecting power. That would be the only concern with a switch, so it will need to be turned back on for motion detection reasons if it’s ever turned off.

Additionally, with any neighbor deciding to try new products, I always recommend to give them a try if you can. Purchasing the devices through Ring or Amazon allows for a 30 day money back return window if you feel the products are not fit for you, so it’s always nice to give it a shot just to make sure! Hope this helps. :smiley_cat:

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