Questions on install of two smart lighting transformers

I have two existing lighting circuits that are run to the same point in my garage.

I would use two smart lighting transformers to replace the existing transfomer. I have a couple of questions:

My idea is to plug both into a single surge protector.

  1. There is a note in the user manual about not using an extension cord. Does this count with a surge protector?

  2. Is there any other issue with using a surge protector?

There is also a note in the installation guide about not connecting two or more supplies in parallel. Electrically, this says to me that I should not use two transformers in parallel on the same circuit. Since they are on different circuits, they are not in parallel. And having them both plugged into the same outlet/surge protector has no bearing on the note about parallel installation.

  1. Is the above a correct interpretation of the parallel power supplies note?


Hi @hb42. Great questions about the Ring Transformer. The Ring Transformer has a built in breaker, so there is no need to plug it in to a surge protector. I would recommend to plug the Ring Transformer directly into an outlet.