Questions about changing to a mesh network while using Ring

I have 35+ ring devices on my current modem/router combination from NetGear. I think I must have overwhelmed it (even with an extender) so am thinking about changing to a mesh network. I am trying to decide between a NetGear mesh and the eero that Ring recommends. I know that I will have to keep the modem part of the current NetGear device active (gotta love the cable company), but I’m open to whatever mesh network will work the best.

But - I have to consider that if/when I change will the network name have to change. I do not climb ladders, and resetting every security device with a new name sounds like a pain.

So - first question, with a new mesh network can I use the same wifi network name. Second question, if I can, will my ring devices work without having to manually push the reset button?

Thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated.

Hi @bethw. Switching to a mesh network can be very simple. With the Eero system, it is very much so a “plug and play” setup. Eero has an app to manage your network and you can set it to be the same wifi name that you currently have to streamline the process.