Question on the Rules

“We realize that it is common on TV and in the media to refer to people by their race and gender when discussing a safety alert or possible crime. However this information does not help meaningfully identify someone and can imply that race and gender are part of the reason to be concerned about a person’s actions.”

Can anyone help me understand how it doesn’t help to identify someone’s race when an observed crime has been committed? If I’m a police officer and I arrest a white suspect for committing a crime, when in reality it turned out to be someone who is purple, then would it not have been helpful in the first place knowing the suspect was purple? If Amazon is going to hamper the investigatory process, then maybe this isn’t the forum any of us should be using. Is it ever a good thing to hinder someone’s right to free speech, and especially when trying to aid law enforcement in narrowing down their suspects, or in informing the community of the facts?

It’s like me saying a dog attacked me, and then someone ruling that it is wrong for me to identify the dog as a German Shepherd. Would that be offensive to all German Shepherds?