Question on First Alert smoke/CO detectors

I am looking to setup the house with some Ring cameras. I’ll have 3 of them so I’m just going to go with the Ring Protect Plus as it’ll only be $10 more per month in case I add another. I don’t feel a need for the secrutiy system itself, but would like to setup the First Alert smoke/CO alarms. I can only find that it “works with the security system”, but is it necessary to have the security sytem to use the detectors and have the monitored? My long question is, can I have the First Alert dectectors, without the security system, but yet still have them being monitored since I’ll have the Ring Protect Plus plan?

Hey @Scott78945. The First Alert Smoke/CO Alarm requires the Ring Alarm security system in order to be added to the Ring App and monitored under the Professional Monitoring. Without a Ring Alarm system on your account, you cannot add the First Alert Smoke/CO Alarm to the Ring App. I hope this clears things up. :slight_smile:

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Yes it does! I was hoping I could have the detectors w/o the security system but that’s not the case. Thanks for the response!